At York Street Club...

The only requirement for Alcoholics Anonymous membership is a desire to stop drinking. AA Meetings at York Street Club are for anyone who shares that desire, and many meetings are open to those who simply want to know more.

The York Street Club was founded in 1948 in Denver, Colorado to help alcoholics find recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous, and help them and their families confront the effects of alcoholism and related addictions.

We are thinking of moving to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We just came back from meeting with our real estate agent down there - Tom Kyewski from He showed us 8 townhouses that fit our needs and wants. We are inclined to move into Chesapeake or Virginia Beach. Both these areas are great and close to the ocean.

If you are the head of household, getting life insurance on yourself is a must if you want to safeguard the wellbeing of your family. Even if you are in your fifties, it is still a good time to get it.